A pregnant woman is experiencing increased stress, and her body is working in an enhanced mode. Therefore, it is very important that complete comfort is ensured during sleep or rest, thanks to which the strength will be restored faster. Lack of sleep can lead to irritation, stress, fatigue and, as a result, the depletion of the nervous system. To avoid this, you can choose the right accessories for sleeping.

Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Today’s article is about pillows for pregnant women. Our experts have prepared a rating of the TOP 10 best pregnancy body pillows who have the highest ratings among users. After reading you will not have questions about which product is the most convenient and safest on the market.

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Types of pillows:

  • U-shaped – one of the most popular models. Evenly supports the stomach and back while resting. Especially suitable for women who love to wrap up in a blanket. Accepts any position, and it is not necessary to turn it over due to the existing form. True, such a pillow is comfortable only in spacious beds.
  • “Bagel” – also almost completely covers the body of a pregnant woman.It can be used to support the abdomen, back or head, depending on the situation. Perfect for small beds.
  • G-shaped – similar to the “bagel”. Helps in relieving muscle tension.With it, it is easy to accept any desired posture: you can clasp your legs, put your head, lean on your back. Usually has a medium size.
  • C-shaped – ideal for sleeping on the side.Well supports the belly of a pregnant woman.In half-prone and half-sitting postures is also convenient. Small dimensions make it possible to take a pillow with you on trips.
  • I-shaped – compact, perfectly supporting the spine. Pillows with this shape are usually inexpensive.
  • J-shaped – is a roller, where the top is rounded. It is convenient to lay the head on this rounded part, wrapping its legs around the elongated part, or supporting it with a growing belly. Does not take much space in bed.


Happens two types: hollofayber and expanded polystyrene . Both are fully synthetic and hypoallergenic . Well kept shape, resistant to moisture. More information about the pros and cons can be found at the end of the rating, in a special table.


Consider your height and bed size. If the expectant mother sleeps alone, she can choose any pillow, even of a large size. But if the husband is nearby, then it is worthwhile to prefer something more compact, so as not to interfere with him, taking up a lot of space. For travel and travel should purchase special small models.

How to sleep with a pillow for pregnant women

A pillow for pregnant women is indispensable for women, starting from the second trimester, when the stomach begins to actively grow in size and to find a comfortable sleeping position, is uncomfortable. When a child is born, an increased load falls on the body, pressure on the internal organs and the spine changes, which is why, if there is not a good night’s rest, health problems begin to appear. A special pillow will properly support the body and abdomen, which will eliminate discomfort. In the later periods of carrying a thing is used during the day rest, when it is enclosed under the waist or legs.

Body Maternity Pillow

Pillows for sleeping, for pregnant women is easy to use. They can be turned and shifted so as to obtain a comfortable body position. During a night’s sleep, the pillow should be under the belly of the pregnant woman, sideways and between the legs. If even with her own pick a comfortable posture does not work, you will need to seek advice from a gynecologist leading the pregnancy. He will tell you, knowing the features of the patient, how it will be more comfortable for her to sleep.

Best pregnancy pillows are elastic and can twist and bend in almost any way, which makes it easy to tune them under the body. These things are made in different forms. Before buying, you should carefully evaluate their features, since not all of them will be comfortable for a particular woman.

How to choose pillows for pregnant women

An orthopedic pillow for pregnant women should be chosen according to the height of the woman. All models are made for growth below 160 cm and above. If the growth of a pregnant woman is up to 160 cm, then the length of the pillow is 200-220 cm. With a height of 160 cm, a model with a length of 250 to 320 cm is selected. Pillows for the most part have a complex shape, and their length is calculated based on the fact that they are must partially surround the body of the pregnant or be placed along.

Pregnancy Pillow (Full Body)

The form is chosen for comfort. What form is more convenient for a pregnant woman, it is impossible to say for sure, since it depends on the features of the woman. Take into account and that the pillow should be completely placed in the bed and not hang down from it.

Attention should be paid to the materials from which the thing is made. The filler is needed moderately soft. It must have a security certificate. The cover is chosen only from natural material, dense and pleasant to the touch. The model should not have a smell. If it is, then this is an indicator of not high-quality pillows.

Types of pillows

Types of pillows for pregnant women are different. It is necessary to choose them depending on the preferences and the sizes of a bed. There are models for a wide bed, and there are absolutely compact ones, with which it will be possible to stay even on a single bed. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses that need to be assessed before purchasing.

U-shaped (horseshoe)

U type body pregnancy pillow

The shape of the thing resembles a horseshoe. It is big and not suitable for every bed. However, the model is in demand, because after the birth of the baby is used as a playpen for him, when you want to leave the child lying on the bed.

The advantages of this model are as follows:

  • uniform support for the abdomen and back of a pregnant woman, which prevents the appearance of unpleasant sensations;
  • no need to shift the pillow during sleep, turning from side to side, both sides of the thing are equally suitable for supporting the back or abdomen;
  • feeling of complete security, feeling of being in a warm soft cocoon.

The disadvantages of such models are only large, but at the same time it is partly and dignified, as a pregnant woman, if she is sleeping in the same bed with a partner, may not worry that he will accidentally touch her. The thing will give a safe distance.   It is better to use pillows for pregnant women of this model after consultation with the doctor.

The thickness of the long pillow for pregnant 35 cm, and allows you to comfortably settle on it. For tall women, the length of the product is 340 cm, and for those whose height is 160 cm and less than 280 cm.

G-shaped (snail)

G type body pregnancy pillow

A model that resembles the English letter G in shape. Such a pillow appeared on the market not very long ago, but already managed to catch the fancy and become popular. The size of the product is standard – 350 cm by 35 cm.

Advantages of the model are:

  • the possibility of complete relaxation and muscle tension, why even in the third trimester you can fully relax;
  • the ability tosleep at the same time partiallytucking the pillow under the belly, placing it under the head, clasping with legs, leaning backwards.A pregnant woman will always be able to comfortably settle for a rest, providing support to all areas of the body that need it;
  • convenience not only during the night’s sleep, but also during the day rest.The object will be put on the lower back and provide a comfortable sitting position.

Only one drawback of the model is the tail of the letter G. Sometimes women complain that it prevents them from sleeping. This feature is easy to get used to by adapting to put the tail under the belly so that it is comfortable.

C-shaped (banana)

C type body pregnancy pillow

Such orthopedic models were developed specifically for pregnant women whose abdomen becomes especially large during pregnancy. The object with a bend will be able to comfortably embrace it and provide the necessary support. The thickness of the roller of such a thing is 30 cm, and the length is 190 or 170 cm. It is selected according to the height. You should not try to save space and choose a shorter length with an increase of more than 160 cm. This waste will be useless, as a comfortable sleep with a thing that does not fit in growth will not succeed. The lack of length will make it impossible to relax.

Positive qualities of the C-shaped model:

  • compactness – to use a thing you don’t need a lot of space and you can get comfortable with it even on a fairly narrow sofa;
  • provides full support for the pregnant belly, even when it becomes very large;
  • provides the correct posture on the side, which is necessary during sleep at a late period.It is important if a woman says that she is sleeping on her stomach.In this case, the thing will be required already early enough to prevent the child from accepting an incorrect and dangerous posture;
  • the ability to relieve tension from the lumbar region in the daytime, settling in the half-sitting position;
  • the ability to transport without complications is easy to take with you, as it is compact, it easily fits into a car.

This model does not have any serious flaws, so it almost never causes complaints. The only drawback is the need to shift it when a pregnant woman turns on the other side, but, given the compactness of the subject, it is not difficult to do.


L type body pregnancy pillow

This is a pillow-roller with a length of 230 cm. The upper part of such a roller is specially bent so that you can comfortably rest your head on it. Such a thing is compact and   always comfortable for sleeping and relaxing pregnant.   The same property is convenient when transporting items. However, turning from side to side, you will need to shift it.

  • gives a complete sense of comfort to all parts of the body, especially the stomach;
  • laid under the back in a sitting or half-sitting position relieves the tension of the lower back muscles;
  • folds, convenient as a road;
  • good for narrow beds.

I-shaped (roller)

I type body pregnancy pillow

Popular compact model, which can have a length of 170 or 190 cm in different height. There are no serious shortcomings in such a thing, and it will be possible to fully relax with it. The subject, providing the correct support of the body of a pregnant woman, relieves stress from the joints and muscles. Adds popularity to this option and the minimum price for products.

When turning from side to side, the thing must be shifted, but due to compactness, many pregnant women adapt easily to do it simultaneously with the turn.

When it is necessary to move regularly from place to place, such a model will be the most convenient, since it is easiest to carry it with you. It is lightweight, elastic, and with acute need, the thing can even be folded.

  • gives complete relaxation;
  • relieves fatigue;
  • supports the body correctly;
  • relieves the spine;
  • compact;
  • elastic and light;
  • easy to fold.

Practical advice on choosing

During the acquisition of pillows future moms are lost among a wide variety of models. To make the choice not to be mistaken, you must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Multifunctional. Many pillows for future mothers can easily be transformed and versatile. Due to this product can serve after the birth of the baby. They are quite convenient to use when feeding a child and even to share sleep with him. The pillow can also be used as a soft barrier for an older child.
  • Product safety. The pillowcase must be made of hypoallergenic and natural materials that are practical and hygroscopic in the care. The filler, as we have already determined, must be chosen artificial. In addition, it is necessary that the product retains its elasticity and shape for a long time.
  • Right size. Pillows can be made in various sizes. You can choose a product under absolutely any growth. It is not necessary to pick up small pads of meter length for sleep. These products are suitable only for short-term rest or feeding the child. It is also necessary to pay attention to the width of the desired acquisition so that it can fit on the bed.
  • Convenience. A quality pillow must optimally support the changed body shape of a pregnant woman and be as comfortable as possible. Since this is its main purpose. It is necessary that the pillow serves as long as possible and is easy to wash.

Why need a pillow for pregnant women

Orthopedic pillows for pregnant women are significantly different from the classic, so they can not be replaced by them. For a comfortable sleep, a woman has to put a few ordinary pillows, trying to find a more comfortable position for herself. However, this still can not provide the correct posture, as individual things move from their place and do not give the necessary emphasis.

Body Pregnancy Pillow

During the daytime rest, a pillow planted under the lower back and spine (under the back) will allow you to relax and relieve pain. The classical model for sleep, by virtue of its shape, will not cope with such a task.

After the birth of the child, the thing does not lose its relevance. It simplifies feeding and helps teach the baby to sit. Not rarely, women, having become accustomed to sleeping with a comfortable orthopedic thing, do not want to part with it after the birth of the baby, since for a non-pregnant woman the rest on a large pillow that supports the body is very comfortable.

Options for using after childbirth

This wonderful product will become your assistant even after the baby is born. Consider the use cases:

  • In the hours of feeding. Place one side on your lap and the other behind your back. Put a baby in front of you. In this case, the back muscles will be relaxed, there will be an opportunity to rest for the hands;
  • The horseshoe-shaped pillow can become a cradle for the grown-up baby. You can put it without fear that it will roll off the bed;
  • When the child starts to sit down, she will support his back or become an arena with soft edges.

Care rules

Caring for a thing is not difficult and does not differ from that which is necessary for ordinary items for sleeping.

  1. Wash pillowcases every 10 days.
  2. Washing of a pillow with a synthetic filler once in 3 months in the mode of delicate washing.
  3. Adding filler is required if the item has shrunk strongly during operation.

For a good rest, a pregnant woman needs to get a special pillow. Without it, completely relax will not succeed.


Modern technologies for the production of bedding are increasingly developing with the advice of doctors. Because the purchase of a special pillow has ceased to be a whim of a woman waiting for a child. It has become a necessity.

The decision on which pillow for pregnant women is better to choose is made by the woman herself. Now you know why you need such a thing, how to choose it correctly and how to use it. Let her give you comfort and only pleasant moments in anticipation of the birth of the baby.

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  1. At first I was very confused with the choice, I read a lot about different shapes, sizes and fillers.

    I came to the conclusion that you need to take the U shape, even though it seemed big. I ordered on one site in the color that I liked the most, I immediately paid for it. But the operator called and upset me, saying that there is no such color and it will be possible only in a couple of weeks. (and I chose for so long) Plus, my leg began to ache terribly because of some apparently not very correct posture in a dream and I was always afraid to roll onto my stomach and constantly wake up.

    In the end, I decided not to bother, I bought it on Amazon.

    In size, at first it seemed huge to me, I thought everything — there would not be enough space for my husband. But no, in fact, it is very convenient and comfortable. Conveniently, there is no need to turn the tails back and forth, on the one hand it props the tummy and on the other back and the husband has enough space to throw its parts on it. Sleep with her is very comfortable, my fears immediately disappeared.

    In the future, with the baby, she will have many more different uses, and just sitting in it is comfortable in the sofa. So I never regretted my purchase.

  2. The pillow in the shape of the letter “C” in my opinion, is universal in its kind. It can be used as during pregnancy:

    – supports the stomach and back;
    – comfortable to sleep on the side;
    – during the day it allows you to relax, half-sitting or reclining.

    It is very comfortable for sleeping on the side, the head is on the pillow, the tummy too, and the lower part of the “banana” is located between the knees, which relieves the lower back and improves the functioning of the kidneys according to some sources.

    Also a plus of this form is that it does not take up much space. For example, in comparison with a horseshoe-shaped pillow U, no matter how large the bed is, it is unlikely to turn out to be free to lie to another person if you are comfortable in your horseshoe.

    But the minus of the C-type (in comparison with U) is that if you want to have it in front of you all the time you sleep, you should drag it behind you during the coups. The way out of this situation is simple. You can keep a small pad behind you (under your back) and then when turning the banana you don’t have to turn it over with you, it will just support your back and pad the belly.

    Another advantage is that you can use a pillow after childbirth.

  3. Up to 3 months of pregnancy, there were no problems with sleep, but as soon as the belly began to appear – STOP! It became quite uncomfortable to sleep, all the night from one side to another tossed. I heard that there are pillows for pregnant women and started reading reviews about these pillows on the Internet and came to the conclusion that I need to buy one for myself. When I lay down to rest on this pillow, I fell into a dream! It is a pleasure to sleep on it, I have been sleeping for 4.6 months now and I do not regret at all that I have acquired such a pillow. I sleep at night calmly, without any inconvenience. At my advice, a friend bought the same pillow and also said that she did not regret it at all! I advise all pregnant girls, you will not regret.

  4. I used a pillow with balls – it turned out to be quite a useful thing. You can between the legs, under the tummy, under the head. Directly distribute the balls as necessary. It is convenient to sit on the couch, if the pillow is under the belt. Then used simply as a restraint, as well as for feeding the child. Up to one year old child, this pillow served me faithfully. Now it’s just like a toy, but I really like it.

  5. I have two pillows of various shapes. At first they bought a crescent, form C – polystyrene balls filler, to be honest, this is an amateur. Pleasant to the touch but, as it turned out, it is impossible to sleep on this pillow, it is quite hard. My husband and I decided to purchase another one, in the form of a U with holofiber. Very comfortable. The size and shape make it possible to do anything with it, a very necessary and irreplaceable thing.

  6. I think any mom agrees with me that with the beginning of active growth of the tummy there is a problem with sleep. I remember how, after unsuccessful attempts to find a comfortable position, I barely fell asleep almost in the morning. Bottom line: chronic lack of sleep and aching back. But then I got the hero of the recall – U-shape pillow for pregnant women!

    My feelings:

    – The pillow has no smell;

    – With a height of 164 cm. The size of the pillow fit me perfectly;

    – The pillow is good to use: everything is comfortable with it – sleep, sit (and, for example, read, well, or do other things), just roll around and rest;

    – A separate advantage I want to note its use to reduce swelling of the legs;

    – It’s nice that there is an opportunity to change pillowcases (I have two, light and dark), which can be purchased separately;

    – The advantage is that you can independently control the degree of filling of the pillow. Those. it is possible to get a part of the filler through the provided opening with a zipper. I really didn’t do that – I am 100% satisfied with the density of the pillow;

    – The filler does not clump together, does not accumulate moisture, does not lose its elasticity. I use it every day for more than six months and it has not lost its shape at all;

    – The form in the form of a horseshoe seems to me particularly successful, since at night you can safely change the position from side to side without moving the pillow itself. How not to lie, there is always where to throw your leg or lean back!

  7. I first bought a boomerang pillow. And everything would be fine, but at night it is inconvenient to unfold with her side by side. Then she acquired U, and was very pleased, the loins stopped hurting, I sleep like in a cradle. It is only necessary to take into account the size of the bed, as this pillow takes up a lot of space.

  8. When the belly began to actively grow in the 5th month of pregnancy, the sleep became more sensitive, there was a fear that the spouse might inadvertently touch me at night, or in a dream I would lie on my back (which is prohibited in such terms). The Internet was replete with a variety of choices for pregnant women.

    Because the size of our bed allows (180 * 200), the choice fell on the pillow shape U

    About the pillow itself:

    – size 35 * 130 cm;
    – removable cover on the lock allows you to keep the pillow clean, the colors are selected for the interior and bedding;
    – hypoallergenic filler (holofiber);
    – the pillow itself is also on the lock, in case the filler is stuck, you can open it and distribute it evenly.

    For more than 3 months of use, I did not have such problems. Even around the location of the head, the filler only slightly subsided.

    From the 5th month of pregnancy, I noticed that in a dream I constantly want to change my position, lie down on the left, then on the right side, therefore I was very pleased with my choice, because no matter how I turned, my pillow surrounded me on all sides! It is a pleasure to sleep on it, no discomfort in the back, abdomen, etc. You lie in the nest.

    Remember that this form of pillow takes up a lot of space, if this is not a problem for you, then do not hesitate in buying!

    Of the minuses:

    – heavy enough weight to move;
    – this is a barrier between you and your spouse. On the other hand, when I turn away, the spouse does not miss the opportunity to throw his foot on the free side of the pillow and relax.

    In the future, I plan to use a pillow when feeding the baby, and as a cocoon (bedding on a sheet pillow), which will allow to take the baby in the big bed.

    Sweet Dreams!

  9. When I was pregnant, I got myself a pillow for about 5 months. In principle, I did not think about the necessity of acquiring exactly until I found myself sleeping on my stomach. I was very frightened and ran to the first store for a pillow. Since then, very satisfied and recommend.

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